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Host Your Special Event At My Girlfriendz Place!

Uplifting Events

Prayer Breakfast

 Girlfriendz are welcome to attend the monthly prayer breakfast to fellowship and support one another mentally & spiritually.

Grace Life Connection Center

Each Sunday, we host Grace Life Connection Center, a worship service that offers clean comedy and gospel hip-hop.

Champagne Brunch

Quarterly champagne brunch, and currently we are planning our second trauma healing workshop.

Next Move Checkmate

 A monthly networking event for entrepreneurs, girlz & guyz to connect with one another in support of various personal and professional pursuits. 

My Girlfriendz Place is the ultimate hub for social events and creative exploration. Join our six-week acting class to develop your skills or come out to one of our many events like karaoke, movie nights, fashion shows, artist showcases and so much more. There’s always a reason to celebrate and connect at MGP!

Conference Break Time
"Make your next move, your BEST move,"

Professional Networking

Upcoming Events

"Life Changing Events Only With My Girlfriendz"

Our Prayer Breakfast

No Prayer, No Power!!

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I tell this story anytime new ladies join the group. I let them know that there is no agenda but God’s. I usually share whatever God might put on my heart to share. Then I pray and yield to the ladies to speak, sing, share testimonies, poems, or whatever they feel in the Spirit to share. I know it’s probably lame now that they have heard it so many times, but I always tell them that I am going to get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit lead.
We have had spoken word, singing, testimonies and so much more (I’m still waiting on a dancer, hint, hint.)
We often partner with other causes, hosting a special prayer breakfast with my good friend and man of God, James Kyles, who started Destined for Greatness, a youth mentoring organization doing great things for and in our youth and young adults, and partnering with Women of Life, another group who supports survivors of sex trafficking and domestic violence.
When I tell you that God has HIS hand on the prayer breakfast, that HE shows up and shows out, and that there is a special place, a tender place in HIS heart for HIS daughters, you better believe it!!

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"Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?"

Corrie Ten Boom

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