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Come on in and let me introduce you to My Girlfriendz.

These are the Girlz who get what it means to be a 1 Thessalonians 5:11 type girlfriend. They are confident, gracious, loving, giving and guess what? They support me and also you! They are experts in their respective fields, have tons of wisdom, knowledge, and they don't mind sharing fully... from the heart. 

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Lillian Giselle “Gigi” Johnson

Trusted Advisor and Community Relations & Outreach Consultant

Worked intimately in her community for more than 40 years. Her professional, civic, and religious affiliations and experiences have all fostered a deep passion for those not as fortunate as most. Professionally, Lillian has more than 25 years of experience as a Hospitality and Technology professional. Most of her experience was acquired from her employment with global industry leaders. Her roles included Transient and Group Sales, Computer Programming, Group Housing, Revenue Management, and Human Resources. Each position offered great opportunities to develop as a relationship specialist and troubleshooter. For her efforts as the Program Coordinator of Marriott International’s Community Employment and Training Program, Lillian was awarded a proclamation as an Outstanding Georgia Citizen and was enrolled into the Goodwill Ambassador Corps for the State of Georgia.

Spiritual development has always been important to Lillian. She joined Holsey Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Atlanta, Georgia, at the early age of eight and served faithfully for 32 years. Lillian honors this relationship for it was here that she first learned the importance of loving God and His people. It was Holsey Temple where she was afforded numerous opportunities to develop and serve in leadership capacities.

In May of 1999, the Lord directed Lillian to Total Grace Christian Center; a worship center, training center and family center where she humbly served in the Personal Workers, Levitical, Drama, Women’s Shelter Ministries, Missions and Evangelism-Street Team, and Training and Development Ministries. Her involvement with Total Grace was pivotal in her spiritual and personal development.

Today, Lillian “Gigi” Johnson serves as the Program Manager for The House of Cherith; a trauma-informed care residential recovery program. Lillian brings a wealth of professional, volunteer, and Christian experience into her role as she serves survivors of sex trafficking, sex exploitation and women coming out of the sex entertainment industry. She serves the residents and staff humbly. She trusts God has allowed her experiences for such a time as this to develop and administer programs that will empower His people.

Lillian is a Suma Cum Laude Social Services Graduate of Belhaven University. Lillian is a “facilitator of change in the lives of people in transition.” She expands her reach as the Managing Director of Imago Dei, LLC where she offers personal and professional mentoring and coaching to her clients.

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Here is where we get to celebrate and promote some of the Amazing women that I meet every day! Women like my friend, Pen, who has penned (pun intended) and self-published more than 30 books! Or Monica, a female architect, who is not only super talented and humble but gorgeous too!

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Melissa Simon Hartman

Simon Hartman


MOSA Design Studios

Maurisa Selene Coleman

Maurisa Coleman Inc.

Keywanda Jackson

Káva Brands

Oh, and Girlfriend...I would love to celebrate and promote you too! Want me to tell your story?

"It is our goal to recognize women, known and especially not as known, who are walking in their purpose. It is our honor to tell the stories of My Girlfriendz!

Famous, infamous, and especially those unsung heroines who keep it all going from the mothers, the grandmothers, singers, teacher, writers, and the fighters!"

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Here we celebrate and promote some of the Amazing women that we meet every day!

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